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Le’Bambou Gorilla Lodge is a mid range facility offering the best accommodation to travellers who come to trek mountain gorillas at volcanoes national park taking approximately 2 hours’ drive from Kigali city a short drive from the parks headquarters Kinigi. Volcanoes National Park protects the Rwandan portion of the Virunga mountains a conservation area that includes the protected areas in Uganda and the democratic republic of Congo, the lodge is well situated with ease access to see the mountain gorillas the key flowers of the forest and a major attraction.

Le’Bambou Gorilla Lodge

Le’Bambou Gorilla Lodge was constructed using local materials best situated for the environmental fit especially bamboo to give guests the best comfortable services with most of the furniture hand made from bamboo contains 23 rooms with en-suite bathrooms, fireplaces and private closets amidst the beautiful rolling hills of the Rwandan portion of the Virunga mountains a short drive from the park’s entrance Kinigi head office. The lodge was designed to bring out the African style that’s amazing with magnificent feelings of a home away from home and excellent views of the forest.

The main lodge consist of the lounge area, reception, and the restaurant with an indoor and outdoor setting, it offers delicious cousins both international and local dishes served by very friendly staff on an a’ la carte menu, a well-stocked bar with excellent space for relaxation while enjoying alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks. The lodge offers free airport pickups and free Wi-Fi available at the main lodge. It works hand in hand with the local communities to ensure that there are at least available jobs for them to do at the facility.

The major attraction around is the mountain gorillas, they are and endangered species of primates living in Rwanda’s volcanoes national park living in the bamboo forest, they feed on plants and bamboo and are so playful, the species have been habituated for visitors to track the different gorilla families and troops of golden monkeys with in the park, a local dance troupe entertains guests to showcase Rwandan culture and life style, nature walks around the park, bird watching as it boasts with about 165 species of birds 17 of which are endemic for example the cinnamon chested bee-eater, red billed fire finch, dusky fly catcher among others.

Le’Bambou Gorilla Lodge is strategically located offering angelic views of mountain sabinyo and the rest of the Virunga chain of mountains beautiful scenic views of the forest and the natural set up of the escarpments.

Rwanda is a landlocked country in central Africa also known as the land of a thousand hills lying 75 miles south of the equator in the tropic of Capricorn with a favorable climatic condition, the park can be visited all year round however the best time to is during the dry long months of June to mid-September, December to January it is advisable to carry warm clothes for the forest areas tend to be cold, insect repellants, water proof covers for phones and cameras, boots for safety measures.

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