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Rwiza Village Guesthouse is located in Karongi, Kibuye just on the shores of Lake Kivu. It can be accessed by road from Kigali and it takes 3.5 hours drive or from any other part of Rwanda. Aircrafts and Helicopters from Kigali Airport can land at Kamembe Airport costing only 30 minutes fly.

The Rwiza village guesthouse is well decorated in an African style with stunning views of Lake Kivu and you will enjoy a breath take of its gardens. The guesthouse offers single rooms, double / twin room’s mosquito net, bathroom with toilet, shower and free wireless internet is available in all rooms. It operates on full board with the restaurant being manned by experienced chefs who prepare a variety of foods in the menu. The menu offers an excellent selection of expertly prepared Rwandan, African and internationally dishes to suit your choice.

Rwiza Village Guesthouse

The facilities arrange different activities for its guests with additional costs from the accommodation fee. These activities include Hiking, boat tours, and cultural evenings and handcraft workshops.

The word Rwiza means beautiful in Kinyarwanda language and Rwanda Rwiza means the beautiful Rwanda. The goal of the facility is to make sure that the facility is the most beautiful Place you can stay while at Lake Kivu reflecting the beauty of Rwandese. So it is more than just the physical aspect but it must be felt, and it must be experienced.

All facilities from Rwiza Village come from the local communities reflecting traditional cultures and that is the reason the facility offers a traditional Rwandan atmosphere. So you can visit and meet other people in the community in Kibuye who will share their culture and interests.

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