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This 7 Days Best of Uganda Flying Tour takes you through the fascinating national parks of Semuliki National Park, Kibale for the ultimate chimpanzee-habituation adventures, Murchison Falls, the largest national park in Uganda, and Bwindi, where you can see the critically endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

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7 Days Best of Uganda Flying Tour

Detailed Itinerary.

Day 1: Fly from Entebbe to Pakuba Airstrip

After an early breakfast, the driver will come to pick you up and take you to Entebbe so you can board your flight to Pakuba in the Murchison Falls National Park. When you arrive, the driver will transport you to your hotel so you can check in, have lunch and unwind until dusk before spending the night.

Day 2: Morning Game Drive – Afternoon Boat Cruise on the Nile.

Your game drive will commence when the driver drops you off at the starting point following an early-morning breakfast. Murchison Falls game drives provide an exciting safari experience. Drive across the park’s many landscapes to see a wide variety of wildlife, including giraffes, African elephants, lions, and several types of antelope. A variety of species can also be seen, including malachite kingfishers, secretary birds, goliath herons, African fish eagles, and shoebills. You can also fully immerse yourself in the park’s many ecosystems and stunning natural surroundings. For those who want to experience a real safari, this is an exciting excursion.

Following the wildlife drive, you can return to your accommodation, have lunch, and get ready for the afternoon boat ride on the Nile. A leisurely ride along the Victoria Nile provides tourists with unique viewpoints of the park’s different ecosystems and species, making the boat cruise on the Nile an enthralling experience. As you sail past beautiful scenery, you can see creatures along the riverbanks, including crocodiles, hippos, and a variety of bird species.

Approaching the base of the falls, where the Nile River is channeled through a small valley, is the cruise’s high point. This is an amazing moment because of the falls’ overwhelming power and beauty. The boat then travels upstream, giving passengers a chance to take in the peace and quiet of the river as well as the surrounding fauna. It is a calm and engrossing method to discover Murchison Falls National Park’s natural treasures. You can return to your hotel for dinner and an overnight stay following the boat tour.

Day 3: Fly to Semuliki Airstrip – Drive to Kibale National Park

Check out of your accommodation after breakfast, then take a flight from Pakuba airport to Semliki airport. From there, take a road transfer to Kibale National Park. The guide will meet you when you arrive at Semuliki Airstrip and drive you to Kibale National Park. Once you arrive, settle down, have supper, and spend the night at your hotel.

Day 4: Full-Day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience.

After a hearty breakfast, prepare a lunch and some drinks. You will go to the park headquarters and the pre-habituation session with the driver. For those who are enthralled with monkeys, a full-day chimp habituation tour in Kibale offers an unforgettable adventure. Unlike normal tracking, this extended experience lets guests spend the whole day monitoring and recording chimp activity as it adapts to human presence with researchers and habituation professionals.

The purpose of your journey in the forest with knowledgeable guides is to experience and observe several facets of chimpanzee life, such as feeding, socialising, and maybe even vocalisations. These insightful talks cover chimpanzee behaviour, ecology, and conservation initiatives. In the centre of Kibale’s tropical rainforest, the day is both instructive and unforgettable, giving you a better knowledge of the chimp groups and the difficulties they confront in terms of conservation. Following a full day of habituation, you can return to your accommodation for a night of rest, dining, and sleeping.

Day 5: Fly from Kasese to Kihihi in Bwindi.

After breakfast, you will go to Kasese, from which you will catch a plane to Kihihi, which is situated inside the inaccessible Bwindi National Park. As soon as you arrive, you can check in, have lunch, relax and spend the night at your hotel.

Day 6: Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi.

After a filling breakfast, your driver will transport you to the park headquarters for a pre-trekking briefing. During this session, you will gain knowledge about the specifics of gorilla trekking. After giving you a briefing, experienced guides will divide you into groups of eight and go with you into the thick jungle of Bwindi so you can see these incredible primates. Trekking with gorillas might take two to three hours, depending on the location, as they are always on the go.

You are allowed a maximum of one hour to spend with your assigned gorilla family after you first meet them so you can see their eating habits up close and gain a better understanding of gorilla families. You can take a few pictures to preserve as mementos, but you can’t use a torch. You must return to the starting location after the trek in order to get your participation certificate. You’ll return to your hotel for lunch and relaxation after this exciting adventure.

Day 7: Fly from Kihihi to Entebbe.

This marks the end of your 7 Days Best of Uganda Flying Tour. After you check out of your accommodation, the driver will take you to Kihihi, where you will catch a flight back to Entebbe.

End of the 7 Days Best of Uganda Flying Tour.

The 7 Days Best of Uganda Flying Tour includes;

  • 1 Gorilla Permit per person.
  • 1 Chimpanzee Habituation per person.
  • Accommodation and meals as per the itinerary.
  • Domestic Flights.
  • Ground Transportation in a 4X4 safari vehicle.
  • Park Entrance Fees.
  • Game Drive in Murchison.
  • Boat Cruise.
  • Ranger Fees.
  • Services of an English-speaking tour guide.
  • Government Taxes.

However, the tour cost excludes; International air fare, personal travel insurance, Visa fees, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, tips to local guides, souvenirs and any other items of personal nature.

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